site and franchisee profile prerequisites to open up a BK EN 20210218


Site and Franchisee Profile Prerequisites

to open a BK centre

(updated February 18th, 2021)



Do you have plans to open a BattleKart centre?

You will find below the prerequisites necessary to become an applicant for the BK franchise.

Your profile


  • Man or woman franchisee
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Experience and track record in the operation and management of recreation centres (bowling, laser game, traditional karting, paintball, etc.), bars or food trade or retail, if possible in recreational activities.
  • Project holder acting as an entrepreneur, owner or tenant of a building and/or investor:
    • entrepreneur (company manager or team manager).
    • control of the property owner or tenant of a building or having the ability to find a site and / or
    • investor
    • If the project leader does not have the three skills listed above, he shall be sure to procure the two other associated skills (for financial aspects, leasing, joint venture etc. or use of a centre manager or director bringing together the managerial qualities necessary for the management of a centre).
  • As the overall investment required for a BattleKart Center is at least €500,000 (excluding building), the minimum capital base amount of 30% of the investment is required, namely €150,000.
  • integrity and sense of loyalty
  • Have a sense and a taste for customer service
  • Have human and interpersonal skills
  • Be a good manager
  • Have a good understanding of finance
  • Have an excellent initiative
  • Be a good communicator and team spirit
  • Have successful professional experience in business or trade
  • Have a passion for the brand and be a good ambassador


The location of your project


The operating site must meet the following criteria:


  • Distance from BK Dottignies / Mouscron: 2-3 hours’ travel (plane) max for the first 2 centres outside Dottignies, 5-6 hours max for the following. Belgian time zone.
  • Country: Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
  • Language: French, Dutch and English speaking areas only.
  • Catchment area: have more than 200,000 inhabitants within 30 minutes by car.
  • Visibility: be visible from a major road.
  • Accessibility: easy to reach and served by public transport.
  • Distance to another BattleKart Center: minimum 45 to 60 minutes by car.
  • Preferably proximity to other activities providing synergy: recreational activities, laser game, space game, theme park, etc.


The building


The building must meet (directly or following improvements) the following criteria:


  • Building: 500 m2 for a BattleKart with 1 track or 4.000 m2 for a BattleKart with 2 tracks.
  • Surface area of the kart track: minimum 30m x 60m (1.800 m2).
  • Ceiling height: minimum 4 m (ideally 6m).
  • Free column space: no columns on the surface of the kart track.
  • Floor covering: ideally smooth concrete. It must not cause vibration when karts go past, for the comfort of customers. Low grip will be preferred to allow karts to slide more easily. No holes on the floor.
  • Floor colour: preferably pale and uniform to improve the clarity of the projection. If the floor is black, you have to double or even triple the number of video projectors.
  • Light shielding: the room must be plunged into total darkness.
  • Safety standards: the building must comply with the standards imposed for commercial operation (fire standards, evacuation, fire access, sprinkling, smoke control systems, etc.).
  • Security: the building’s immediate environment must be safe for customers and for the operator.
  • Car park: 36 spaces minimum. In line with sales forecasts (proportional to the number of karts: capacity of 2 parking space per kart).
  • Heating: 12°C minimum to provide acceptable comfort.
  • Air conditioning: maximum 25°C ambient temperature inside.
  • Insulation: desirable but not compulsory.
  • Roof: in good condition and absolutely watertight.
  • External appearance: It is the image of the product and the company that is at stake. Cladding, for example, may be added to the facade if the building is industrial in origin.
  • Additional space to the kart track: at least 400m². This space is essential for the integration of the reception area and bar (100 m² per track), stock for the bar (20m²), workshop (75m² minimum), restrooms (30m² min.), staff premises (cloakroom). Games room, meeting rooms, offices as needed.
  • Meet the standards of institutions in a public space (ERP): HORECA in Belgium (hotel, restaurant and cafe sector), CHR in France etc. These standards vary according to the country of operation.